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Route 66 Shield Embossed Metal Magnet

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The Route 66 Embossed Tin Magnet is a nostalgic journey in the palm of your hand. With memories of road trips, wind in your hair, and the vast American landscape stretching out before you, this magnet is the perfect keeper of those cherished photos and reminders. As an officially licensed product from Open Road Brands, it brings the spirit of Route 66 into your everyday life.Crafted from durable metal, this magnet measures 2.25″ in width, 2.5″ in height, and a slim 0.125″ in depth, with a weight of 0.08 pounds. Its versatility knows no bounds, adding personality to your garage, kitchen, or office when placed on your toolbox, refrigerator, filing cabinet, or any other magnetic surface. It’s not just decor; it’s a reminder of the open road, adventure, and the freedom that comes with the iconic Route 66. Whether you’re hitting the road for a grand adventure or just a grocery run, this magnet captures the timeless appeal of America’s most famous highway.


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